Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shinhwa..till the end

it's been 4 years since i become a part of Shinhwa Changjo. Initially, i only knew Eric (because of Bulsae, of course!). He really an incredible actor. Back then, I was only 17 years old, relaxing at home after finishing my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). After almost two years in boarding school (which I rarely can watch TV...Hish~), I spend my whole day watching tv. One day, at 6pm, i was watching a drama. At first i though it was a Chinese drama, because it dubbed in Mandarin, but my sister said it's a Korean drama. After a few episode, then i was met with this handsome guy, Eric. till now, bulsae is one of my favorite drama...

Since then, i followed all dramas and movies starred by Eric. I also start to dig up his information through the internet, and I found something interesting, about Shinhwa....

I started to like them because of their variety show. they showed something differrent from other artists. Eventhought all of them are young adult, but they act like a young children, and they suit in variety show really well. Their tittle as GOD of GAMES really suits them, because they can play any game at any time. i follow them through internet (thanks to Youtube!), and i'm proudly spread their craziness to my friends.

All of Shinhwa's member is full of charisma. On the stage, they showed us how determine and hardworking they are. I love all of their songs, especially Crazy and throw my fist. One thing that i really proud as Shinhwa changjo is, I'm the owner of Shinhwa's Volume 9 limited edition, with serial number 49999! it's really hard to find. Actually, it's just a coincident. I was out with my friend to watch movie. We wandered in the shopping complex before going home, suddenly i found something really familiar. the album is hidden behind Fahrenheit's album! My knee weakened, until my friend have to lend some of energy to me. I bought the album with my monthly allowance, and it's really worth for me...

In Malaysia, Shinhwa's merchandise is really hard to find. For almost 4 years, I only get to buy Volume 9, 10th Anniversary concert and a poster. since i still a student, i can't afford to buy through internet, and i have to wait till their album is imported into Malaysia. It's just like finding a needle among millions of hay.

Today, a lot of my friend already shifting their interest to new K-pop group. But as for me, Shinhwa is still be my major addiction to K-Pop. eventhougt sometimes i will go crazy over Bonamana or You Wouldn't Answer My Calls, but when i start to play shinhwa's songs, the thing i'm assure is, I will go crazy over them 2 or 3 times greater! Since Eric, the 4-D leadernim is already back and making colloboration with Hye Sung, and Dongwa also will finish his military duty, I think i only have to count the day as i'm waiting for the rest of them to comeback and to perform together on a stage. i'm really looking foward of it!!


  1. sis..still follow Shinhwa lagi ke..sama laa..its hard to find ShinHwa fans I think!Malaysia ade official SHinhwa Changjo ke??

    1. Hi Sis..

      Setakat ni mcm tak ada. susah dah nk cari changjoers. Rata2 dorg suka group2 baru ni. Pakcik2 ni pun dah susah nk kuar tv.. haish.. nasib baik la pakcik2 ni rajin update sns dorg..

  2. Hi:) Nak tak kalau kita buat meeting antara SHCJ kat Malaysia ni? Sayang tak ada fanclub di Malaysia. Sebenarnya dah makin ramai fans kat Malaysia. Saya berjaya brainwash adik saya dan kawan2 dia utk suka Shinhwa. I'm 18 and my sis is 15. Kitaorang tak minat pun kpop group yg lain

    1. (sorry menyampuk..but tak sorry sangat pun haha)
      Kalau betul nak buat, nak join gak hehe
      Kat Twitter, some shinchangs still active gak.. also Indonesian shinchangs baru je buat gathering few weeks ago, so cam jealous tengok all that orange

    2. Dah lama tak melayan twitter. Huhuhu.

      Sebelum ni, ade satu group kt Tumblr, tp mcm dah tak aktif..

      So, kebanykannya sy rely kt Shinchangs korea je.