Monday, November 29, 2010

Mnet Asian Music Award 2010

What do you think about tonight's event?
For me, it was BORING.

Since the beginning of the event, I can tell which artist will go home with MAMA 2010's trophy. All of the artist that sit next to the stage was the winner. None of the came to Macau as 'nominated artist' and they went back to Korea not empty-handed. The event was a little bit gloomy, maybe because the absence of top korean artist, such as Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD and 2AM. The ceremony also look a bit unattracted. For the first time since I become a Kpop fan, I changed the TV channel when the ceremony was on-air. I found it uninterested at times. As for the result, some times I think the winner was someone else, not that artist, like they don't deserve it. Maybe the judges knew better than me, but sometimes the fans know which artist is the best, right? I hope next year, MNet can do some 'examination' and 'operation' to this annual event, maybe they just hold it in Korea, and give the TV-rights to many other country. they still can promote Kpop, at the same time many artist can attend the event, and the fans are happy. Or maybe Mnet just have to hold the event on weekdays, to avoid any clashes with other Korean major music program. I hope next year, MAMA will be better than this year. Anyway, congratulation to all the winner, especially 2NE1, 2PM, and Miss A for their awards..


  1. tak tahu nak komen apa, sebab tak tngok sendiri and xberapa minat (or xberapa kenal sebenarnya. hehe :)

  2. da byk da artis baru..mse performance pun byk artis yg mmg la aku tak kenal langsung...

  3. kalau tak kenal, aku lagilah fail terus~