Sunday, August 8, 2010


Today, the weather is really great....
I was driving back to UTM from my home..
The traffic was smooth, no congestion, no honking-maniac on the road..
But one thing that remain....

Driver who drive recklessly!!!!

I felt like killing them with my bare hands!
It is hard for them to turn on the indicator if they want to change the lane?
Is it hard for them to wait for their turn before changing the lane?
Is it hard for them to drive in the right lane on the traffic light?
Is it hard for them to drive politely and respect for other driver, especially someone who drive cute-little-malaysian-born-Kancil, just because they are driving modified-brand new Honda Civic?

I'm a driver myself for almost three years. the same problems occur everyday, and the reason is also the same, because driver who drive bigger and expensive car never respect for driver who drive smaller and cheaper car!

They will change lane as they want, then they will squeeze you out of the lane, they will try to provoke you when you are faster than them, and they will show you 'I'm richer and my car look better than yours!' expression.

Sometime i have to keep reminding myself to tolerate and be patience when i'm facing with these kind of arrogance drivers. To make myself feel a little bit easy, i just have to treat them like an idiot who have their brain on their Malays alway said " letak akal bukan kat kepala, tapi kat kepala lutut!"

To drivers who read my post...please....
When you are driving on the road, please think about others too..
All of us are paying the same RM20 road tax, and we are sharing the same road, and maybe the destination that we will go are the same..
If you intended to drive like a pro-formula one driver, please do that on the circuit.
If you do want to change your lane, please..PLEASE turn on your indicator, because it won't break your precious fingers, and we are not Merlin's relative, who have magic and know when you are changing your lane without any indicator!
We are only an ordinary human being and an ordinary driver, who sometime might involve in accident because of selfish driver who drive like an idiot!
I do pray everyday, that I will never face any accident while driving...
That's why I always follow the traffic's rule...
And one last thing,
Please think about others, because I always do!


  1. biasala tu wahai cik ieqah, dh kata keta kite kn kecik, keta de besar, xheran la kalau langgr kita pun, dia tak efek~ bodo nye mindset~

  2. kesian la kat budak comel yang bawak kete comel, kan?

  3. betul2, tapi yang pikir mcm ni sikit la kot~~ *sigh*